Why have a Garden Design for your home?

Having a Garden Design for your home ensures that you think about what you want from your garden and build something that really suits you needs. In the long term it will stop you spending money on not so well thought out ideas and it should also increase the value and saleability of your house should you wish to move.

A place to enjoy a quiet glass of wine as the sun goes down
or an outdoor entertainment area?

If you are a retired couple you will have a very different needs from a family with young children. But in both cases a well designed garden can bring you lots of enjoyment.

Some of the factors we take into consideration are

Your garden needs to reflect your personality and desires. Whether you want some ideas to tidy up the access to the house or a full garden makeover, we can help. Check out our Gardens Gallery below for some samples of what we have done and to see the process in more detail see our case study.

Its Your Garden not ours.

The emphasis of a good garden design is that it suits your needs.

Sometimes people say to me "How would you design this garden if it was your garden?" but our needs may be very different to yours.

We concentrate on producing practical and inspiring solutions.

Where to start.

Start collecting ideas that you like, cut pictures out of magazines for plants and landscaping elements such as steps, pergolas and water features. Anything that you like. As a designer it is really useful to have this file and it gives a great starting point. Don't worry about whether a plant will survive the hot dry summers and wet winters for now, we can probably find a suitable alternative. This stage is just about collecting ideas. Have a look at the ideas below.

Consider what you want to use the garden for.

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Garden Design Gallery

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 The steps to the back door
The steps to the back door

 Front driveway
Front driveway